Monday, July 25, 2011

It's a Perfect Strangers.

This few days I feel so disapointed and heart-broken. It is awful and I feel that your words totally make me unconscious. To be frank, when the first time I know you, I that you're really good person, easy going and relaxing. But the problem happen when you scold me last night. But before that, you had wrote something on your blog apparently. You know what, even i'm really bad person I never make you burden. But, the biggest mistake that I had done is knowing you. You know what, it is awkward when you text me with nasty words, writing a weir-do perception. I just can pray to my dear God for everything happen. And you make me embrassing. I've no mood to teach and do works. By the way, I just want to say thank you so much, for making your friends heart crying.
Saya rasa kesal, dan menyesal sebab terlalu baik dengan manusia2 yang x pernah rasa saya ni baik. I never ask for response or granted from you. But please respect on people perceptions, behaviours and feels. Today i went to school with a bruise eyes. I never feel like this before. Even I'm real-ly bad2 person, i never hurting you!! Actually i haven't read anything, till this morning i read something on your e-diaries.. oh wow, your words totally hot. You know what? It's kiling me softly. What do you feels? Actually you don't feels anything because you have any feelings..
Ya, i'm sensitive person, full of trouble, troublesome, and whatever you says about me is correct. I'm FULL OF ERRORS guys living in a broken life. I can't wait hardly to finish my course here. I don't want to live at Johore anymore. I wanna go back Penang, leaving all this thing. You know why I'm still here?? Because you had motivate me before that semester breaks, u gave me a lots of words of wisdom to embrace this course till death. But what you had done? You screw up everything. Hurting your friends.
Last night, when you text me,scolding me with that words, suddenly I'm thinking of a few Malays poem. And it's sound like this :
Buat Baik Berpada-Pada,
Buat Jahat Jangan Sekali.
As I know, no one says bad words or says something behind when we turn into best friends. That's is only your misperception and wrongly intuition on me. And thank you so much. I need to talk to someone, but I can't because you has warn me last night. With a blister words....

Thank you so much. And I promise won't disturb you anymore. Don't worry, you never owe me anything, I just feel sad and really tightened with your perceptions. Take care, don't eat the thing that you can't eats. Thanks again. :(

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