Thursday, June 23, 2011

How Can You Be A Good Person?

Hurmm... guess what, i had been thinking of this thing so many times... huhuhu... But it keeps come apparently inside my mind. There are many types of person that we can differentiate them.
First by looking on their behaviour. As we know, behaviour plays important role in reflecting everyone. Actually i lost my mind because i don't have any points to write this topic. haha.. However, me and friend had moved from hostel to outside. Guess what? It was so pathetic when we had to share a small room with 3 person inside. huhu.. There are also a few neighbours. And this area look like a "dark areas" when i saw a few "sisters" walking a the night and find a money... adoii.. So scary.. What to do huh? Unless you anak Dato' maybe you can stay in the hostel with few MPP(master of PUPPETS) controlling and show their kids power!! bodoh sial...
When the ideas come~~ haha... As usuall, when the night comes there will be a sound surround us. Of course DRAMA has started.. Demmit... You may feel like a "Panic at Disco" when they start their activities on 9.00 p.m.. everyday!!
Sebenarnya, apabila kita tinggal dalam keadaan sebegini, kita akan lebih mengenali diri, kawan-kawan dan sebagainya. And i should be thankful to God when He send me a good friends(i guess) haha... Anda sangat bertuah apabila dikurniakan kawan yang banyak membantu dan menolong. Sebabnya ialah, aku ini seorang yang penuh dengan kelemahan dan "kemaluan" haha.. Walaupun keadaan bilik sarang ayam yang sangat sempit dan berbau-bau kasturi segala nih, tapi keadaan cukup indah apabila nilai persahabatan mengatasi semuanya. Malam2 mendatang dengan bermain burung2 marah (angry birds). Dan x lama lagi, kami semua akan menempuhi alam praktikal yang maha dasyat sebabnya ELTM kena guna program dari INTEL. demmmit.. I was in pressured when our big momma ask us to finish up Lesson Plan.. Apalah kegunaan program tu.. Eventhough, that program really important but as a beginner teacher like us, it seems to be the hardest thing to cope all this thing. my mess feel face.. silap la plak. my face feels like messy..

Nantikan sambungan~~ tidoq sat

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