Tuesday, June 7, 2011


luckily that person has text me via fb chat.. i m so glad and happily ever after.. hahaha... but one thing has happen to me when i woke up in the morning... the postmen gave a letter from court that state i had been sued by PTPTN.. OMG.. fakkkk... what the hell was happening.. i dont have any salary yet money to gave them.... huhu... what should i do...??? last thing, i think i should call their management and say something about my problem.. i dont want to be blacklisted!!! demmitt... its really freaky and weirdo.... duhhhhhhh........ should i told my family.... huhu... its ald 12.oo a.m but still cant make up my mind.... o God bless me... but nothing cant change it.... should i bring WHAT......... nite all....

1 comment:

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