Thursday, July 30, 2009

loves pain

haha... new weeks for me.. so sad you know when you say loves to somebody but then that person is not suitable to us.... why?? argghh let me keep inside my deep heart.... last nite something was happen to my entire life.. i has told that person that i really need in my recent life... i dont know wether my confession was going into a real path or not.. but i realize that, i do need that person for this moment... its hard to see all my problems going downs and follow the flow.. you know why i do like that person too much?? coz got something good on her heart... seem like stupid coz in this recent time, for some people intimate relation is important.. but then, for me i dont need

intimate relation to influence my love for that person.... huh.. sound goes hard, but its really happen to me..... i do need that person so much... tq.. missing..

p/s: tah betul ka tak apa yg aku tulih... tp yg pasti benda ni amat mustahil..

aku di fesyen show... sama angga

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  1. kesabaran itu penting dlm melibatkan soal hati..